I won a sweet foil Tarmogoyf at a 24-players Modern event in Wettingen.

My list differed from the previous one for the two Etched Champions that made it back into the main deck once Eldrazi winter was over and for the 2nd Galvanic Blast that I added for extra explosiveness in an unknown (to me) meta.

Results and decklists are up on the store website.

Round 1 • Burn 2-0

Round 2 • Jeskai Control 2-1

Round 3 • Burn 2-1

Round 4 • Blue Tron ID

Round 5 • Affinity ID

Quarterfinal • Burn 2-1

Semifinal • Jeskai Geist 2-1

Final • Burn 2-1

I play Modern and Limited in the area around Zurich, Switzerland. My MTGO username is: `ioctl`.