Draft MTGO 2xOGW 1xBFZ

February 14 2016

I recently created an account on Magic Online to get my weekly magic fix when I can’t attend the local FNM event. The account comes with a bunch of credits that grant you access to new-player drafts, so I joined a 2 x Oath of the Gatewatch - 1 x Battle for Zendikar queue. Those are 4 players queues so the strategical depth of the draft is not exactly the best you could get but it’s still a good way to learn the format.

In the first pack I open Munda’s Vanguard which was probably one of the few cards that would have made me happily lock-in the allies strategy in the first picks. The resulting deck that made me 2-0 the queue was a Wu allies/flyers with 3xOndu War Cleric and Roiling Waters as a finisher.



I play Modern and Limited in the area around Zurich, Switzerland. My MTGO username is: `ioctl`.